zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Losing Loves

Losing loves
Losing great loves.
Close to souls who pass away.
Lives that one must partly or almost abandon.
Then recognizing them here and there.

Losing loves.
Ignore the feeling, invent reasons why…
It had to be that way.
Sometimes they are right.
Sadness is never the same.
Relieve as well, but from whom and who and when ?

Always, ‘after this one’, not again the part of hurt in love.
While there still are sparks of fire in the ashes.

Always in other dimensions, other heights and tunes.
Different situations from needs of others.
From the own stories as well.
Do experiences have to come and visit us again ?
Does one have to go and search them in situations ?
Unique memories and sensitive connections…
Keep on connecting with the hart.

Losing great loves.
Close to souls who pass away.
Sad ,happy or in the middle, never the same meaning with this one or that one.
And passion also has seven tunes and colors.
And lots of songs in seven styles.
The simplicity of the white knight and the princes.
To the land of legends these days.
Pipi Langkous and Peter Pan don’t exist in adult world.
Those who can stay that way, enjoy and hold it.
Chose for each other.
More complex situations…often more hard to handle.

Losing great loves.
Close to souls who pass away.
The older one get, the higher the account.
And in the end…
Being light, always trying to be light.
We were it, are it and stay it…
Literally and philosophically at least.
Between each other, depending from meeting how and when.
After all those different kind of periods.

Great loves that try to be friendship again.
Relief and difficult test sometimes as well.
Like everything one is not used too.
Ignoring the bio, one can learn, integrate or not.
One isn’t the same any more as who one was before letting go.
One does not know always what to keep or let go.
The games ancestors played and play with lives.
That what one knitted oneself.
Knitting in life, you don’t do it on your own.
Some are not made in life…for patterns to tight.
Whatever the degrees of comprehension.
How little the degree of jealousy …
Funny with who a lot sometimes and with who not and when.
Good friends and become like children and wise men.

Losing great loves.
Art is born from it, as much as from joy.
To bring people closer to the soul.
And often it looks like getting closer to the spirit.
Of one who nobody can derange any more.
And only loves happy things.
Knowing that life hold more in store with people…
Then only romance and all kinds of passion.

The spiritual world, one cannot understand by dogma’s alone
We have a lot of love inside us. When love often has been undergoing some painful tests and we still try to understand the reasons why people sometimes don’t get the real meaning of certain situations in a relationship and we keep on continuing trying to raise their understanding about the way life works…then there really is a spiritual connection between people, a thousand links to our daily lives and those of the ones before us.
What is that love and were does it come from ? Should one continue the relationship (s) or not ? Sometimes one has no choice, because the other side wants to stop the relationship partly or complete. Even if one does not continue to meet each other, relationships of all kind continue; most of the time it isn’t even clearly noticed by the different degrees of consciousness. You probably know about the moments when you can reach a high level of communication or contact with someone. One even does not have to fall in love with them in each way. It’s a strange thing that one can lose one’ s love for someone and if one is lucky friendship and respect remain to chase away the nasty thoughts and images the darker side of the beloved provoked. The darker side is all about the unsolved heritages of the past and the ones one added to them in responding from the same or other situations. When one touches the real nerve of the condition of someone, that someone begins to defend some cultural or personal dogma’s that not always correspond with the truth about someone’s roots. (Listen to both words, ‘truth’ and ‘root’…they have a lot in common.) Each time, in each area other words are used to enlighten bits of what life is about. One only can talk about the practical things of life and add some humor while maintaining the relationships that need no digging in too one’s soul. But when the discovery of one’s soul happens spontaneously, another approach becomes necessary. The sentence ‘ one has got to know one ‘s self’, is often used and clearly this passes through others; this can become a very intensive process with a lot of avoidable and not avoidable consequences…for better and for worse. One can chose for a celibate life, like for example priest do, or one can chose to find out what the soul of a woman or a man really contributes in discovering what life and your life is all about. Each kind of relationship, whether as a colleague, a child, parents, grandparents, friends, lovers…invites us to really understand the different meanings of life. In the case of lovers, what are they really searching for next to the pleasant things body-contact can offer and not feeling alone ? When spiritually connected people can overcome their negative emotions their fingers become like camera’s reading each other cells…surely an almost ideal situation…making love with a lot of concentration and understanding how to really activate each other’ s body…and soul in a spiritual way…but it isn’t a guarantee that things work out all right, because of the karma who preceded that kind of relationship isn’t understood or one does not dare to understand. This can cause a lot of troubles…and indeed if there are other family members involved on both sides and if one tries to please everyone without understanding in which situation they find themselves in. It isn’t easy trying to tell other people what to do…especially if they aren’t ready for it, or if they are too stubborn. Also, when the relationship with ancestors and others isn’t understood it can become difficult to unwind the wires.
Like in the telecom connections in the boxes on our streets there are certain connections between people and they get disturbed when things in our live occur that shouldn’t have happened to avoid complications, but in a lot of cases things couldn’t haven’t gone in another way. We experience things and we forget things, but when we reach the deep truth about a lot, we can tend to push it away, with a feeling of missing something as a consequence or we can try not forgetting the lessons and their feeling anymore and carrying it as a power in our consciousness…thus telepathically influencing things positively, all dough that SEEMS not to be the case sometimes. We cannot play ‘God’, but we can near the divine energy that make things happen mostly in an unconscious way. People who are aware of this should not try to escape by means of believing superstition or using unnecessary pills that burry a part of their body and soul and prevent a contact with their spiritual inner communication or dialogues which they could have had if they had overcome themselves and others. Often they cut ties with the one who really cared lots and lots about them, because the confrontation with their roots was to heavy emotionally loaded for them. Then they have the choice to enjoy life in a way they can handle, but in many case they make it worse. Sometimes the more distance one keeps after finishing a relationship or turning it in to friendship (if still possible), the better it will go with oneself or the other…if this means that one of the two for example will not take some medicine any more, the longing for the one he or she had to miss can come back and if that person is lucky she or he will not have to repeat the same road with more suffering then joy. Suffering surely will come when one discovers one has lost someone with the same roots. True roots, roots of truth. (almost poetry those related sounds in these words).

Some remarks about my essay-story : ‘there was live after dead aswell’ (see link)
Does the negative energy of someone keeps on living in the spiritual world as well, or is it an energy that only continues to have an influence in the existing world ?
From the world of electricity we know that a switch can be ON or OFF. Off means not in connection with the source. ON, connected. In the BIO –world there is LIFE and DEAD…in case off DEAD the qualitative attitude one has towards life keeps on empowering certain connections, especially if one has a lot of panoramic as well detailed insides into the different domains in life.

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